Douglas Farm Market sky view

Douglas Farm Market

We have always been open for business and not permanently closed, as listed on Google. 
Stop in to see our vast selections of Quality Sheds & Gazebos, 100% locally made and delivered right to your location

Quality Shed’s and Gazebo’s

Looking for a shed or gazebo? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our current pre-built items we have in stock, as we carry a large selection.

Customize with your ideas

Custom built shed’s or gazebo’s to your liking, designed with the latest technologies so that your shed will not only be durable, but look stunning on your property. Contact us to schedule an appointment or stop in and visit us.

Wide area delivery

Purchase a gazebo or shed, custom made to your liking or from our selection and we will deliver it up to 100 miles.

Produce and Flowers

We also sell fresh produce and a huge selection of flowers for you, also you can still find their fresh baked homemade goods they are known for.

About Us

Owners Bob and Edith Douglas have been in business since 1969. They started out selling flowers and produce from a roadside stand by their home, by 1988 they moved to their current location on the corner of Routes 237 and 33. Douglas Farm Market became locally known for their ice cream and homemade foods, including pizza, fish fry, and many other baked goods. On Friday nights local families would pile in to enjoy an ice cream cone or slice of pizza. In 2014, Bob and Edith turned their focus back to flowers and produce and have started selling sheds and gazebos as well. While they no longer sell their delicious pizza or ice cream, you can still find their fresh baked homemade goods they are known for.

About the sheds, gazebos, produce, and flowers

100% locally made sheds and gazebos, hand built from the ground up. You can order a custom built structure to your liking or pick one already built off the lot. When purchasing a structure you can choose to pay in cash or rent to own. There is also free delivery within 100 miles. When visiting Douglas Farm Market do not to forget to check out the flowers and produce. In the spring you can find annuals and late summer you will find beautiful mums. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available during the summer as well. Keep checking back for updates on more Douglas Farm goods.

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